more clicks for less cost with organic SEO.

Organic SEO.

Optimizing your website pages for Organic SEO is *even* more important in 2021.

In today’s new normal, everyone is shifting their business online. Get ahead with our Organic SEO Audit & Analysis service.

What’s included in your Organic SEO Audit & Analysis?

An audit and analysis of your current organic SEO status
Analysis of your top 2 competitors organic SEO activities
Where to plug your SEO holes and make improvements
Recommendations & strategy for better results


Why you need it now

As more businesses shift online, competition is increasing, advertising costs are rising and your competitors may already be getting a head start.

1. You don’t need to pay for ads in Organic SEO
2. Organic SEO targets more quality traffic
3. Organic SEO gets more clicks than Pay Per Click


Get more clicks for less cost

 Verify which of your website pages are attracting the most customers
 Identify which of your keywords are generating most results
 Ascertain how many site visitors are you losing because of poor SEO
 Discover how your competitors are attracting their online customers


The benefits of optimising your website for Organic SEO.

 Higher ROI
A properly researched and implemented organic SEO strategy gives the highest level of ROI (return on investment).
 Targeted Traffic
An effective organic SEO strategy will bring customers that are actively searching for your products and services.
 Long Term Results
Correctly optimising your website for organic SEO will yield consistent search engine rankings and results over time. This is the opposite to PPC and other forms of internet advertising that give short term results and at a higher overall cost.
 Cost Effective
Organic SEO is highly considered to be one of the most cost effective marketing strategies.
 24×7 Promotion
Websites that are correctly optimised with high ranking Organic SEO maintain brand exposure all day, every day.
 Increased Brand Awareness
A well implemented Organic SEO strategy will increase brand awareness to your target market.
 Increased Sales
An effective Organic SEO strategy will boost conversation rates from search through to sales. Expand your prospect lists and generate greater opportunities to reach your target market with Organic SEO.
 Trust & Authority
Over 70% of click-throughs from Google are from organic search.


Common SEO mistakes.

 Under-Estimating the Potential
A properly researched and implemented organic SEO strategy will reach a greater number of your target market, improve your conversation rates, and grow your customer base.
 Guessing Instead of Researching
SEO is a science which can yield amazing data driven results. Guessing what is the best fit strategy is like spending money on woo-woo. Streamline your SEO budget and cost-effectively drive sales.
 Focusing on Pay Per Click
Yes, you may be getting good results from PPC but at what cost? Imagine achieving the same results with Organic SEO, thus reducing your advertising costs and generating the same click-through rates for free.
 Ignoring Your Competitors
You may think that focusing on your own campaigns is enough. However, if your competitors overtake you in the search field, your visibility and share of the target market will instantly shrink. Once this happens, the differences in market share quickly become exponential.


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